Python List

List in python is a data structure. It is mutable or changable and is an ordered sequence of elements. Each element or value inside the list is an element and each element has a unique index. You can access the element of the list using the index values.

In this entire post, you will know the various examples of lists and their application.

Find Shortest Word in List in Python

The python list.index() provides you to find the index of the element in a list. Just pass the element you want to search the index() method will return the index.

Find the Index of an Element in a List in Python

Suppose you have two lists and want to find the union of the two lists. You can use extend, collections, and other methods for union operation. Read the below post to know more in detail.

Find Union of Two Lists in Python

Sometimes there are duplicates element in the list. You can count the occurrence of them in the list.

Count max Occurrences in List using Python : Different Methods

Find the Median of a List in Python

Find the Largest Number in a List 

Average a List in Python

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