Valueerror: source code string cannot contain null bytes ( Solved )

Do you experience getting the error message “source code string cannot contain null bytes“, whenever you attempt to import graphics, or from graphics import *? .This warning message is shown if the contents of the file include a byte that has a value that is a null value.

What is ValueErrror?

ValueError is the error in python that mostly occurs when you are passing the argument to the built-in functions of the right type. But the value of that argument is invalid. For example, suppose the function accepts an argument of integer type. And you are passing the value by converting the string to an integer. In this case, you will get the ValueErrror.

Solution for the source code string cannot contain null bytes

If you have been experiencing “source code string cannot contain null bytes” problem, then the following possible options may help you fix it:

Solution 1: Remove the null character

Remove the null character at the end of line 41 in the because, for some unknown reason, line 41 of the file includes a null character:

$ od -t a | grep -i nul

0003360 - - - - sp c T u r t l e . p y nul

After the removal of the null character, the module’s operations should go back to their normal state.


Solution 2: Use the sed command

If you want to remove the null characters that are in a file, you may do it quickly and simply by using the sed command that is indicated in the following example:

sed -i 's/\x0//g' FILENAME

This method modifies the file in situ, which is critical if the file is still being used. Passing the parameter -i’ext’ generates a backup of the original file with the ‘ext’ suffix appended to it.


Solution 3: Use pipeline

In the event that the output of sed indicates that nothing was replaced, then you may make use of the following pipeable one-liner using Phyton:

python -c 'import sys; sys.stdout.write("\0", ""))'

You may also discover that some instructions do, in fact, leave the null bytes in place, despite the fact that they are no longer visible, at least not in a terminal running OS X. Hexdump is a useful tool for debugging situations like these.


ValueError is a python exception error that you will get when you are passing the argument to the function of an invalid type. The Valueerror: source code string cannot contain null bytes also comes due to this case. The above method will solve your problems regarding this error.


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