How to Check Python Version in Jupyter Notebook: Methods

Most of beginners do coding on the Jupyter Notebook. Often they try to find the version of the modules on it. Checking the Python version is one of them. In this tutorial, you will learn how to check the Python version in Jupyter Notebook using various methods.

Methods to Check Python Version in Jupyter Notebook

Let’s learn all the methods to check the version of the python in Jupyter Notebook.

Sure! Here are different ways to check the Python version in Jupyter Notebook:

Method 1: Using sys.version

import sys

This code will print the full version information of your Python installation.

Method 2: Using sys.version_info

import sys

This code will print a tuple containing the major, minor, and micro version numbers of Python.

Method 3: Using the platform module

import platform

This code will directly print the Python version as a string.

Method 4: Using sys.hexversion

import sys

This code will print the hexadecimal representation of the version number.

Method 5: Using the command line magic

In Jupyter Notebook, you can directly run shell commands using the ! prefix. To check the Python version, you can use the command:.

!python --version

Running the above command will output the Python version.


Its must You should always check the version of Python in Jupyter Notebook as it allows you to choose the version of the pip command to install the dependencies. It means pip or pip3 version. The above are methods to check the version the Python. You can choose anyone according to your needs.

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