ModuleNotFoundError: no module named distutils.cmd ( Solved )

Python is a programming language leading efficient code with its many features, such as powerful data structures and intuitive syntax. But even experienced Python programmers might get he “modulenotfounderror: no module named distutils.cmd” error. In this tutorial, you will learn to solve the no module named distutils.cmd Error.

Why the ModuleNotFoundError: no module named distutils.cmd Occurs?

This error happens when you execute a Python script without the “distutils” module, a standard Python module, but still, your system may not have it installed.

When you try to import the distutils module then if your system does not find it then you will get the ModuleNotFoundError.

 from distutils import distutils.cmd


ModuleNotFoundError: no module named distutils.cmd

Solution of the no module named distutils.cmd Error

You can resolve this ModuleNotFound Error in a few different ways.

Solution 1: Install the distutils module

The first solution is to install the distutils module. Installation of the “distutils” module is the most convenient option. Use a package manager, such as “pip” or “conda,” to install the necessary software.

1. For “pip”

pip install distutils

2. For “conda”

conda install distutils

After installing the “distutils” module, your Python script should be able to run without any issues.

Solution 2: Install a specific version of Python

If you’re still seeing “modulenotfounderror: no module named distutils.cmd,” your Python script may be using a different version of “distutils” than you have installed.

To resolve this, uninstall the “distutils” module and reinstall it using “pip” or “conda” for the Python version your script is using. For instance, if your script uses Python 3.7.

Uninstall the “distutils” module

pip uninstall distutils

Reinstall it

pip install distutils==3.7

Your script should execute without problems when installing the appropriate version of Python’s “distutils” module.

Still, having trouble after following all the above solutions then try these additional method to solve this issue.

1. Ensure your Python script uses the correct “distutils” module. Check the “distutils” directory for “” that provides the “distutils” module version number, so you may compare it to the Python version you’re using.

2. If versions don’t match, run your script with “-v” that prints each line of your script as it’s run so you can check whether “distutils” had errors when imported.

If you’re still having trouble, you can ask on Stack Overflow or the Python mailing list. Include full error traceback and, if possible, a minimal, self-contained, reproducible problem example.

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