Modulenotfounderror: no module named skimage ( Solved )

The scikit-image is a python module that collections of algorithms for image processing and computer vision. If you are getting the error modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘skimage’ then this post is for you. In this entire tutorial, you will learn how to solve the issue of no module named ‘skimage’.

What is the ModuleNotFoundError?

The modulenotfounderror is an error that comes when the module is not installed in your system. For example Lets there is a module X that is not installed in my system. Then you will get the error ModuleNotFoundError: no module named ‘X’.

Cause of modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘skimage’

The root cause of the modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘skimage’ is that you have not installed the scikit-image package in your system. When you open your terminal and try to import the skimage then you will get the error.

Solution of the no module named ‘skimage’

There is various way to solve this error. Let’s know each of them.

Solution 1: Install the scikit-image package

To remove this error you have to install the scikit-image module in your system.  But before that check the version of python in your system. If the python version is 3. xx then use pip3 and if it is 2. xx then use pip.

Type the following command to install the scikit-image package.

For python 3. xx

pip3 install scikit-image

For python 2. xx

pip install scikit-image

Solution 2: Install the required dependencies

If the above solution doesn’t work then try to install all the dependencies before installing the scikit-image module. The python-skimage package depends on matplotlib, scipy, pil, numpy .

Execute the below command to install the dependencies.

pip3 install python-matplotlib python-numpy python-pil python-scipy

Install cython also

pip3 install build-essential cython

At last install the scikit-image

pip3 install scikit-image

Solution 3: Install using the conda

If solution 2 does not work also then you can use the conda command to install the image module.

conda install scikit-image

Sometimes even after installation of the scikit-image module, you can get the modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘skimage’error. In that case, you have to use the below command to install it.

python -m pip install -U scikit-image


The scikit-image package is most popular for image processing and computer vision. If you are getting the modulenotfounderror: no module named ‘skimage’ error then the above solutions will work for you.

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