no module named ‘seaborn’ ( Solved )

Seaborn is a python library for data visualization. It is based on matplotlib which is also a python package. If you are getting the error while importing seaborn like no module named ‘seaborn’ then in this tutorial you will know how to solve this error.

Why do you get modulenotfounderror ?

Most of the developers while coding can get errors like modulenotfounderror error. And most cases it is due to the fact that they have not installed the packages or the system path is not set.

Root Cause of no module named ‘seaborn’ error

The root cause of no module named seaborn error is not proper installation of the seaborn package in your system. For example, if you import the seaborn package using the import statement. Then you will see the red underline below the seaborn package. It tells you definitely that seaborn is not installed in your system.

import seaborn


No module named seaborn error
modulenotfounderror seaborn error

How to Solve  no module named ‘seaborn’ error

You can easily solve the issue of no module named seaborn error. You have to just install the seaborn python package in your system. Once installed the error will be removed.

But before that, you have to also check which version of the pip that is pip3 or pip you will use to install it. To do so you have to check the version of python using the below bash command.

python --version
Checking the Python version
Checking the Python version

If the version of python is 3. xx then use pip3. And if the version is 2. xx then use the pip command.

The version of the python in my system is pip3. Therefore I will use the pip3 command.

Open your terminal or command prompt and type the below bash command.

pip3 install seaborn

It will successfully install the seaborn package in your system.  Now if you again import seaborn and run the code then you will not get the no module named ‘seaborn’ error.

No error after installing seaborn
No error after installing seaborn


Seaborn is a popular package for data visualization. It is a high-level matplotlib python package. If you are getting the above ModuleNotFound error then using the above method you will easily solve the error.

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