ModuleNotFounderror: no module named scapy ( Solved )

ModuleNotFoundError is an error you will mostly get when you get the module is not installed in the system. If you are getting the ModuleNotFounderror: no module named scapy then in this post you will know why this error comes and how to solve it.

What is the scapy module?

The Scapy module is a powerful packet manipulation library in Python that allows you to craft, send, and capture network packets. It provides you with a flexible and intuitive interface for creating and manipulating packets at a low level.

It allows you to build custom network tools, perform network analysis, simulate network protocols, and much more. It also supports a wide range of protocols and provides methods for sending and receiving packets over different network interfaces.

Why ModuleNotFounderror: no module named scapy  Erroc comes ?

This modulenotfounderror comes as you are using the scapy or importing the module in the code, but the system is unable to find this module. That’s why you will get the modulenotfounderror when you run the below lines of code.

import scapy


ModuleNotFounderror: no module named 'scapy'

Solve ModuleNotFounderror: no module named scapy 

You can solve this error by following the below steps.

Step 1: Open your terminal or command prompt.

Step 2: There check if you have pip installed by running the following command.

pip --version

If you are seeing the version number then it means that pip is installed. Otherwise, you need to install pip.

Step 3: Install Scapy by running the following command:

pip3 install scapy # For python 3.xx
pip install scapy # For python 2.xx

The above command will download and install the Scapy module and its dependencies.


You are getting the ModuleNotFounderror: no module named scapy Error as the system is unable to find the module. To solve this follow the above solution to install the scapy module to resolve the issue.

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